Project-managing this stunning refurbishment of a hair salon in only 3 weeks.

Our client Mel has successfully run his hair salon for more than 26 years. Whilst the property was well decorated and had undergone minor decorations to keep it fresh, it had not undergone a major revamp during that period, and as a result, the decor was beginning to look a little dated. Mel also knew that the space wasn’t really large enough, or laid out correctly for the current needs of the business. He wanted to fit a waiting area within the main salon space (instead of in a separate area) and to create additional space which they could use for the colour mixing area which they urgently needed, as well as extensive display space for a wide range of hair products.

Finished salon

A complete renovation of the premises was needed, including extending and remodelling the salon space. In order to avoid closing the business for an extended period, it was critical that all the alterations and redecoration were completed within the very short time window of three weeks, meaning that the whole project needed to be carefully planned and managed.

At A&R Design, we pride ourselves on providing ‘the complete package’ meaning that we are experts in managing every aspect of building and refurbishment projects. We were therefore asked to manage this complex project, providing all the different skilled trades-people needed, and liaising with the various different specialists involved. We undertook a detailed planning process to ensure that all the different aspects of the project would come together exactly on time.

To save time, we undertook the first phase of the project whilst the salon continued to operate, by building an extension to the back of the property and leaving the external wall in place so that the business would not be impacted by the work.


As soon as the salon had closed for business, we immediately began work removing all the existing fixtures and fittings and stripping the room right back. At the same time, we began knocking through to the extension that we had already built. At that point we discovered that the wall in question was significantly wider than a standard wall (14 inches wide rather than the standard 9 inches), meaning that a specialist steel support was needed. This unexpected eventuality could potentially have delayed the whole project, meaning that the salon would not have been able to reopen on schedule. Our normal suppliers were unable to provide the supports at such short notice, but our extensive network of contacts meant that we were able to quickly locate an alternative supplier who could provide the required supports on the same day, ensuring that the project was not delayed.

Our client had a very clear vision for the property and had provided architect’s drawings and a very detailed specification. In order to achieve the high-end finish they wanted, a specialist consultant had been engaged to source hairdressing furniture from Italy. Other features included special tiles, sourced from Spain, and touch-free technology in the toilet facilities. We also carried out a refurbishment of the outside of the property to showcase the new branding and to ensure that it had a more contemporary feel to reflect the new sleek and up to date interior.

Involving a variety of different specialists, and sourcing materials from different countries naturally added to the overall complexity of the project. A&R Design played a critical role in bringing all the different elements together at exactly the right times, to ensure that there were no delays at all, and the salon was able to re-open exactly on schedule. Our clients describe the refit process in their website article ‘Hair salon transformation’.

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