Bathrooms, Cloakrooms and Wet rooms


A& R Design have more than 40 years’ combined experience in designing and installing bathrooms ranging from sleek contemporary designs to beautiful traditional or retro-inspired creations. Whether you are removing and replacing an outdated bathroom, adding an en-suite, creating a new full-size family bathroom, or adding a tiny cloakroom or a wet room, we will work with the space available to create a beautiful bespoke solution.

Refitting a full size family bathroom can be a major investment, and it is important to ensure that the final result is something you will want to live with for a long time. There are a wealth of different styles and materials you can choose, and we can help you with selecting exactly the right elements to fit your chosen style and vision – from choosing the appropriate style of bath (from retro roll-tops to sleek contemporary design) to selecting the appropriate flooring material (e.g. tiles, mosaic, wood or more contemporary materials). We can help you with making these kinds of decisions, and sourcing the right fittings and materials to create a harmonious and practical whole. We will undertake all aspects of the project from design to completion, including choosing and installing flooring, tiling, sanitary fittings (bath, toilet, washbasin etc), storage units, electrical works, Lighting and Plumbing as well as all the little finishing touches from the window treatment to towel rails and shower screens.

If you are fitting a smaller room, such as installing a small cloak-room, different considerations will apply – space is likely to be at a premium (especially if you are installing a room under the stairs, or squeezing it into a small space between two other rooms), and there will probably be little if any natural light. Our experience can help guide you to overcome these issues –for example in choosing slim-line sanitary ware and installing suitable lighting. You may feel this is a good opportunity to be particularly bold in your decorating choices – for example choosing bright colours or a boldly designed wall-paper that might be over-powering in a larger room. Whatever you choose, A&R Design can manage the whole project for you, to provide a practical room that uses the available space in the best way possible.